Meet Our Head of School

We believe that it matters greatly who teaches our children. For that reason, the founders of SCA have handpicked Teresa Fraser to serve as Head of School. She is a leader of principled character and gracious love. Her heart for families results in beautiful relationships and a profound impact on the students she disciples. 

Teresa attended the University of Oklahoma for two years before transferring to Milligan College where she earned both her B.S. in Elementary Education and her Masters of Education. She has been a part of the founding of four different schools: Providence Academy in Johnson City, TN; Rocky Mountain Christian Academy in Niwot, CO; Flatirons Academy in Lafayette, CO; and Summit Classical Academy currently in Broomfield, CO. 

As Head of School, Teresa has worked in planning, preparing, and producing an excellent classical Christian education for students and their families. She is fully committed to sharing the grace and truth of Jesus with children, supporting parents, training and equipping teachers, and building a strong community of families. The heart of her profession has been the relationships she has built through the years with students, parents, staff and colleagues. Teresa believes her role is to come alongside parents as a partner in their children’s education. She is especially devoted to building a strong network of support for single parents, and she has a unique passion for involving fathers as much as mothers in their children’s school, because she has seen evidence through the years that students enjoy even more success with the mom and dad team behind them. 

Teresa believes that academics are only one facet in the educating and raising of children and that children need time to play and pursue their passions, gifts, and interests outside of the classroom. For this reason, she strongly believes in minimal homework so as not to intrude on other important activities such as family time, music, sports, art, friendships, and freeplay. 

Teresa and her husband Jim have been married since 1992. They have raised two remarkable children, their daughter Sadie and son Addison. Though Colorado is their beloved home, Teresa still faithfully cheers for her football teams, the Oklahoma Sooners and the Buffalo Bills, proving that she is no fair weather fan but loyal to the core.