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National Day Of Prayer 2023

Today we celebrate the National Day of Prayer. This morning some of our students volunteered to pray over our churches and for our families, education, …

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April Board Prayer

All hail King Jesus. All hail the Lord of Heaven and Earth. All hail the Savior of the world.  Because You created us,  Because You …

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Cursive and Why We Teach It

Cursive is a form of handwriting in which letters are connected together in a flowing style. While it has become less common in recent years …

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March Board Meeting Prayer

O Lord, We’re so thankful today. This time of year, we’re moving from darkness to light, and from dormant to vibrant life. It’s so good …

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High School at Summit Classical Academy

Written by: Danette Miller, Vice Chairwoman SCA The following is the introduction to a sermon given by C.H. Spurgeon in Southwark, England, on January 7, …

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The Benefits of a Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian education is an approach to education that combines the wisdom of the classical education model with a Christian worldview. This method of education …

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