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Rising To Our Summit Annual Spring Fundraiser

Summit Classical Academy is on the rise as we grow in numbers and in grades. Please invite those in your own community to join our SCA community at The Omni Hotel on ...
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Unveiling the Vision: The Birth of SCA – A Journey into Classical Christian Education

More than anything, we want our kids to know the forgiving and loving heart of God, and wewant them to love Him in return. The ...
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Divine Reflections: A Journey of Faith, Gratitude, and Guidance

Our Heavenly Father, We praise you for your steadfast love that shall not depart from us, your covenant of peace that shall not be removed, ...
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Embarking on a Journey of Educational Excellence: 

Why We Founded Summit Classical Academy As founding family members and current board members of Summit Classical Academy, We are thrilled to share the story ...
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A Prayer For Our Teachers

My prayer this year for the school and everyone here is that we will be known by our love ~ in patience; in speech; in ...
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June Board Prayer

Dear Father, You take such good care of us. David prayed, “Answer me when I call you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my ...
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