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Thank you!

We are excited. We are humbled. Above all, we are GRATEFUL.  Thank you for your support!

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What our parents have to say about Summit

See what our parents are saying about Summit Classical Academy. We are helping children reach their summits and partnering with parents in the education of …

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Each child has a unique summit!

Here at Summit Classical Academy we know that each child has different strengths and unique characteristics that make them special! The Classical methodology teaches children …

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How to give!

No one says it better or cuter than our students! Please consider contributing to our mission of community in Christ while providing a top notch …

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You Too Can Be a Warrior Ambassador

What does a Warrior Ambassador do? Warrior Ambassadors help us get the word out about Summit! We want to make this as fun and easy …

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The Goal of Classical Christian Education Further Explained

The goal of Christian and classical education is to equip students to evaluate knowledge in the light of Scripture, achieve academic excellence, to be thoughtful, …

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