Dear Friends and Family,

Summit Classical Academy is in its second year. We have grown from 18 to 53 students, and they are being led by a team of the world’s best teachers. This is no ordinary school. From what we teach to why we teach, we are counter-cultural and extraordinary. 

First and foremost, our students are learning from the Bible. The Word of God is the foundation of our education and the lens through which all other subjects are viewed. It is not just an additional subject tacked on to our school day. Our students learn, meditate on, and memorize God’s Word so that it might shape their loves, their hopes, and their imaginations. God is active in our lives by his Spirit and through his Word. Studying scripture turns students’ minds and hearts toward God, that they may know fellowship with Him. 

Our students read rich literature, training them through the experiences of characters to relate to others and to the world around them.

They learn history, without which no one can understand the cost of discipleship or truly appreciate political freedom. 

This school is a training ground to mentally and spiritually prepare these students for the challenges of life, the sorrows they will endure, and the hard questions they will ask and be asked. We are sure that our children will have to do really hard things. As parents and teachers, we are doing our best to strengthen them before they get into battle. We train soldiers in training camps, not on the battlefield. This is precious time to give our children a firm foundation. By educating our children in the good, the true, and the beautiful, we help their minds to form a love of the right things and to love those things in the proper order. Through education, we are forging fierce warriors. 

This school has grown, but not by the efforts of the leadership. We are no more capable of making this succeed than we are of making a tree grow up from the ground and bear fruit. The seed of this school was planted, and we are honored that God chose to use our hands for the planting, but it is God who provides the increase, and God who is using many other hands to care for, nurture, and water.

We are growing, and we are so thankful to our Father in heaven (the Master Gardener) and to all of those who support this work. 

With our sincerest love and thanks,

Danette Miller, on behalf of the SCA Board of Directors