We walk our mission every day

We live our values every day. We educate so that our children can reach their highest summits and live and love in God’s name.


We aim to produce students who learn continually, listen intently, articulate precisely, love rightly, contend gracefully, and live purposefully for the glory of God and the good of others.


We will build community and serve our community by partnering with parents in the education of their children, striving to develop all aspects of the student’s potential. We will provide a classical Christian education, a peaceful and inspiring environment, and a high standard of expectations for our students, teachers, and leaders, all for the glory of God.


As we strive to live our lives in Christ, through Christ, and for Christ. We live with humility, live with integrity, live with joy, live with excellence, live with hope, live with courage, live with love, all for the glory of God.

Core values

What we will do every day:

What we want for our students:

What we want for our families: