Unveiling the Vision: The Birth of SCA – A Journey into Classical Christian Education

More than anything, we want our kids to know the forgiving and loving heart of God, and we
want them to love Him in return. The heart can’t love what the mind does not know, so
education is, for us, the means of drawing our kids’ minds and then hearts to God. Starting the
school was a step in that effort. Classical Christian education is the best means that we have
found for awakening the wonder within our children, teaching them how to learn, then reason,
then articulate eloquently. It is a parent’s great responsibility and privilege to fill a child’s mind
with treasures of truth, beauty, and goodness. We have only a few short years as parents to
stock up the treasure chests of our kids’ minds and to train their affections to love the right
things and abhor the evil. Inspired by the examples of the intelligent, servant-hearted men and
women we want our children to grow up to be like, and desiring to cling to God and glorify Him
with the resources He’s given us, we found that helping to start a school was our best option
and the best thing we could do for the kids that God has entrusted to our care.

Written by: Danette Miller, SCA Board Member and Founding Family Member