Kickstarting the WPC (Warrior Parent Community)

Hi, my name is Rachelle Haid, and I am part of the Warrior Parent Community (WPC) here at Summit Classical Academy. I have two amazing boys, ages 8 and 9, and I love being part of their education and involved in their school activities.

The WPC was started, in part, as a way to get families feeling more connected and involved, while supporting the school, even during this thing called Covid-19. There are three main goals for the Warrior Parent Committee: 1) Build community among parents within the school; 2) Support the board, staff, and teachers; and 3) Foster community within the local community. The WPC believes in the importance of family and community support as a necessary component of a child’s education. We believe our children thrive in an environment where they feel encouraged, loved, and safe. Our goal as the WPC is to achieve just that for every student we support. I, personally, love being involved as a way to meet new parents, experience a day in the life of my kids, and keep a pulse on what is happening at their school. My favorite thing to say to my kids is that I have so many eyes at the school, you never know who is watching you. It is true, when you volunteer, you quickly know everyone, and no one hesitates to call or text when an issue arises on the playground or in the classroom.

While we are growing and expanding as a school, the WPC is also ramping up. This year we are building a role of “room liaison” to help facilitate and initiate communication amongst parents within the same grade level, while organizing and communicating any school-wide events. Outside of the room liaison, a few other committees have formed, including Prayer Warriors – a group of parents who pray together weekly for the school, and Warriors on Watch – a group of parents who volunteer to be an additional set of eyes for outside activities. To round out this school year, the room liaisons, along with the broader parent community, plan on hosting a Teacher Appreciation Week, organizing the Last Day of School celebration, and hosting a Uniform Swap Shop. Building on those committees for the following school year, we plan to add additional committees and support such as a Care Team, Parent Ambassadors, and adding a community page for all parents to communicate quickly and easily about things such as uniforms, class assignments, or the latest extracurricular activity all the kids want to be involved in.

All in all, the WPC is here to support and encourage engagement for your kids. The idea is for parents to come together and share in the planning and organizing of events so no one family has the burden on their shoulders, and so that any parent feels welcome to do as much or as little as they can while being part of this amazing community.

Written by: Rachelle Haid, Warrior Parent Community Chair