Christmas Video and Art Show

Such an amazing 2020!

Given the excitement of 2020, we are blown away by what we were able to accomplish. Our event season was capped off with a fun, if freezing, Christmas concert. We teach perseverance to our students and had the opportunity to practice some ourselves this year. If we had to host outside, in masks, socially distanced or drive-by, we still hosted events and came together as a community! We took extra steps to make this school year as normal as possible for our students and families.

  • Summer Family Picnic
  • First Day of School Celebration
  • Family Dinner
  • Veteran’s Day Celebration (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE)
  • Christmas Concert and Art Show
  • Offer a first-class music program
  • Robust physical education program
  • In-person instruction during COVID-19
  • Grow to 26 full-time students
  • Support 13 home school community students