Athletic Excellence

When we think of athletes who achieve athletic greatness, do we only look to their physical
performance? We recognize and appreciate that many hours of physical training have brought
them to this level of accomplishment. We understand that a solid fundamental skill set gave
them a foundation on which to build upon. But do we fail to recognize the athletes personal
virtuous character that plays an equally crucial part in their success?

My family loves sports! We watch, listen, analyze, talk, teach, coach and play sports! We have
competed at the high school level and Division 1 Collegiate level. We have reaped the benefits
and accolades of athletic accomplishments from state tournaments, conference championships,
NCAA and NIT tournament appearances and championships. Sports are important and a very
big part of our lives. I know this to be true for many other families as well!

We know that having a strong athletic skill set is important to succeed at any sport. As parents,
we spend time and resources seeking out programs and opportunities to help our children in
their desired sport. But nurturing our child’s virtuous skill set I would emphasize as being even
more important, especially in the elementary and middle school years-the foundational years.
The combination of the two is where the potential lies to go from good to great! Character
matters in athletics! At Summit Classical Academy we strive to partner with our families in
developing both of these in our students. Our physical education program combines a strong
learning of fundamental sports skills/games as well as opportunities to grow in sportsmanship,
teamwork and leadership. We foster an environment for our students whether on the
playground at recess, P.E. class, or on organized teams in the community that will help them
grow in godly virtue and athleticism. A school that helps to strengthen and develop godly
character will only help to facilitate even more success on the sports fields. The Bible says
(paraphrased) that a wise man builds his house upon a rock so when the storms of life come,
he/she will be able to stand. In athletics and life there will be storms that your children will
need to navigate. The highs and lows, trials and triumphs, perseverance and persistence.
Developing godly character and virtue in our children first and foremost can lead to not only
athletic success but more importantly serve as our Christian witness to others. It is beautiful to
see these two skill sets come together in our children.

During my sons’ elementary and middle school years, we chose to send them to a Christian
school that came alongside us as parents to encourage and develop godly virtue and character.
Their Christian education set a strong foundation for our boys, so their lives would be built on
solid ground and they would have a firm place to stand. There were not robust athletic
programs within the school so we sought out opportunities for competitive sports in our
community. My family knows firsthand that the lack of school sports was not a hindrance but
rather the invaluable Christian education helped to propel success on and off the field. A strong
foundation that helped to navigate the storms of sports/life. The virtues of perseverance,
humility, self-control, other oriented-ness, patience, fortitude, temperance, courage, ambition,
determination, leadership, promoting individual and collective greatness are key in life and
athletics. Virtue is moral excellence. Moral excellence plus athletic excellence equals success.
By: Lorene Wrapp, Summit Classical Academy Physical Education
Teacher/Athletic Coordinator.