Why Uniforms

The desire of Summit Classical Academy is to create and promote an environment of learning where dress is not a distraction to the educational process. The motivation for the policy has grown out of the following principles:

  • Since our vision is to educate students in Christ, through Christ and for Christ, we need to acknowledge Him in all of our choices.
    • All human actions, including outward manifestations such as clothing, reveal and communicate the disposition of the heart at some level.
    • It is our desire to address these heart issues in one uniform policy rather than seeking to anticipate and curb the numerous manifestations of it that surface throughout a year with a looser dress code.
    • Clothing represents the vocational calling of a person, and inherent in the uniform policy is a desire to create an environment where undue attention is not drawn to specific students.
    • The neat appearance created by a uniform enhances a ready-to-learn atmosphere.
  • Uniforms help engender a cohesive presentation of the students in our school
    • When our students are in uniform, it communicates, aesthetically, that they are part of the same team, working toward the same goals.
    • The student is part of a group identity that strives for excellence, and the code establishes a tradition toward that end.
  • The uniform code should save parents money
    • The uniform code de-emphasizes the social impact of dress and helps focus the student on character and academic issues.
  • The uniform code addresses security
    • On field trips, students in uniform aid the teachers in keeping track of everyone.
    • On the playground or in the school, teachers and staff can clearly identify students from outsiders.

Students are expected to be in uniform while on campus unless specified otherwise by the Head of School. The Head of School is responsible for the interpretation of the policy, and the enforcement of the policy is the responsibility of parents, Head of School, and staff.