The Goal of Classical Christian Education Further Explained

The goal of Christian and classical education is to equip students to evaluate knowledge in the light of Scripture, achieve academic excellence, to be thoughtful, and glorify God. Classical Christian education develops in the student a desire to know God more and to share the love of God with others, not only in word but also in action. Students develop a passion for seeking wisdom and knowledge, and have an intellectual foundation built on the tools of learning and utilize them in all walks of life. Skills are developed that promote students to courageously engage the culture to proclaim and express the love, grace and mercy of Jesus to a world that is broken. Discernment guides students as they look at the worldview of the surrounding culture and assess what lines up with Scripture, and are able to clearly see the deceptions that do not. They are able to carefully consider an idea without blindly accepting it. Using knowledge, reason, and discernment, they are careful to ponder ideas in light of God’s Word before accepting it as true. In this classical model, Christ is central in all aspects and the purpose of acquiring knowledge is to grow in wisdom and virtue.