Thankful for SCA

Our brief history – By: Mrs. Fraser

Beginnings are amazing things full of hope, promise, and possibilities.  As a few families embarked on a new journey to start a classical Christian school that would benefit families and communities as well as students as they pursued God’s truth, goodness, and beauty, no one knew quite what to expect.  All they knew is that God called them to start a school and they were following Him with faithful obedience.  The idea was sparked in November 2019 which ignited a passion that became a reality in August 2020 when Summit Classical Academy opened its doors. 

Here we are in October, at the end of the first quarter, and what God has created is nothing short of miraculous.  Without having a church or an organization backing the effort to educate students, Summit Classical Academy burst into existence. The school began with 21 full-time students and 7 homeschool students.  At the end of the first quarter we have 24 full-time students and 10 homeschool students with additional families calling with inquiries every week.  Thanks to generous donations we have been able to assemble a staff larger than anticipated for the starting size of the school.  We have three highly qualified full-time teachers, three part-time teachers that are masters in their areas of expertise, we have consultants to lend their knowledge and skills to our families, and a highly resourceful administrative assistant that is keeping operations running smoothly.  We are also blessed with highly proficient regular volunteers that enhance the learning experience for our young warriors.

Not only do we have an amazing faculty and staff, but our families are lending their resources, time, gifts, and support to strengthen our community even more.  God is building a strong community of parents.  Summit Classical Academy invites parents to be active participants in the education of their children and provides a variety of ways for building relationships and community.  This is done through our celebrations, being a part of our monthly board meetings, and inviting parents to share their resources and talents.  Let’s reflect back to see how this has happened so far this year. 

Coming together as a Community

Before the school year began, we had a family picnic on the beautiful land of one of our consultants’ families.  It was a great prequel to the community events to come. No one knew quite what to expect as this was the first get together for our school.  We had other events planned, but due to COVID the earlier summer activities were cancelled.  The board was determined that we would get together in person, because they understand the importance of relationships.  While we kept socially distanced, had gallons of sanitizer, and enjoyed individual personal picnics to ensure the health of everyone in attendance, close bonds were being formed. 

We began the year with an Opening Day Ceremony where all of the students and their families were present.  It was a joyful time of welcoming students not only to a new school year, but a new school.  As each student’s name was announced, they walked down a red carpet that had two large balloon arches overhead.  The leadership from Risen Savior Lutheran Church presented our school with our very own Christian flag, and then blessed and prayed for the school year.  We ended the ceremony with our beloved Summit Classical Academy Warriors’ Creed…and the school year began.

Soon after school began, we had a very memorable Family Dinner on the school grounds.  It poured down rain and we huddled under canopies and still enjoyed the Kona Ice Truck, even though we were shivering.  At the end, a beautiful rainbow filled the sky reminding us of God’s beauty and God’s promises.  The Fall Festival in October brought with it much better weather and everyone had a wonderful time playing games, decorating pumpkins, getting new swag during our giveaways, getting faces painted…well, arms painted…We are still in the season of COVID after all.  For November, we are looking forward to our community coming together to honor our country’s military for Veterans Day.  There is a reason to come together as a community every month.  Actually, most of our families hang out together every day at drop off and/or dismissal.  It is wonderful to have a group of people that share the same hopes and dreams for raising strong men and women that are running after God’s plan for their lives. 

Another way parents are invited to be an integral part of Summit Classical Academy is to be a part of our monthly board meetings.  Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month and parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  Taking part in these meetings gives parents insight into the inner workings of what it takes to provide an excellent education for the students.  We want to demonstrate integrity by being as transparent as possible with how the school operates.  In addition, we want to hear from the parents whom God has brought to this school.  It only makes our school stronger to utilize all of the wisdom and talents of our community.  We are a team!

Learning in the time of COVID

Let’s take a moment to discuss the health of our Warriors.  While wearing masks and keeping distance can be a little annoying, we are Warriors, we can follow the COVID guidelines, and we can handle it!  The students, staff, and families have done an outstanding job of remaining healthy.  Our morning temperature checks have become one of my favorite times of the day as it allows me the opportunity to greet each child.  Frequently washing hands and cleaning the areas we utilize are reminders of how we should take great care of what God has given us as good stewards of His good gifts. Families are being very courteous to all at school by keeping their students at home when they are not feeling well and waiting for at least 48 hours before returning to school to ensure that as far as it depends on them, no sickness is spread. With all of these precautions and by the grace of God, I am happy to report that thus far we are COVID free and praying it stays that way. 

Enrollment is around the corner!

With all of this good news to report, I can imagine that many of you can think of families that would thrive at Summit Classical Academy, perhaps even you! Enrollment for the 21-22 school year begins December 1, 2020.   Interested families can find more information on our website.  For an up close and personal look at our school (well, at a six foot distance), please schedule a tour.  We have board members and staff that would love to show you the exceptional learning taking place, the character that is being forged, and the joy being experienced.  Call 720.633.9300 to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff to get your questions answered and schedule your tour today.  With all the benefits that Summit Classical Academy offers, why wait? If you are interested in exploring enrollment for the current school year, please contact us and we will set up a time for a tour and answer any of your questions about joining mid-year. 

Is the mission of Summit Classical Academy something that resonates within you?  If so, please join us in training warrior families to make a positive difference in their communities.  The world needs more compassionate, educated, and wise followers of Jesus, not only to bring more people into the Kingdom, but to also make the world a better place because they are in it and following the King.  Please consider giving to our school to strengthen our efforts as we continue to be a light that shines in the darkness for the love of God and the good of others.  Please spread the word about the impact our school is having in only a few short months and be part of the growing movement to classically educate the next generation in Christ, through Christ, and for Christ all for the glory of God. We are bellatores Dei!