LOL – Love of Learning

Last Friday, our students shared their Love of Learning (LOL) with their classmates. While similar to a “show and tell”, it is so much more. Learning is taking place all around us and it does not just happen in a classroom. Students are encouraged to follow their passions and learn in all sorts of ways. LOL is a time they are able to share what they discovered, created, and learned with others. This week, Reagan shared her stuffed bunnies and how they make her feel happy and safe, Miquella amazed the audience with a mathematical magic trick with playing cards, Maeve demonstrated how to add toppings to ice cream using real ice-cream (and then eating it), Eli explained how he keeps his LEGOs organized, and he displayed his most recent LEGO masterpiece that included a COVID-19 shield for his Lego dad, Gracelyn shared a limerick she wrote and her stuffed animals that go with the book ‘Black Beauty’, Hartley presented how to make an ice cream sundae with her toy ice cream set, and Theo revealed his Army tank that was crafted from boxes, skateboards, and other items. Our students love each other and enjoy sharing what they’ve learned with their class, teachers, and anyone else who would like to see what their inquisitive and creative minds discover and create. They would also like to share their LOL with you! Check out our latest LOL video and be inspired to learn something new yourself.