Good News at SCA

Nothing could replace face-to-face interaction with teachers and friends, but the way that SCA was led online during COVID was second best. My favorite part of the semester was the relationships that grew out of doing something so new and unique together. My kids loved every second with their teachers, both online and in person, and I think it is for one very simple reason: they felt valued. They were given many chances to share thoughts, ask questions, practice their senses of humor (which, let’s be honest, most everyone needs to practice, especially left-brained eight-year-old boys), let loose their unique personalities, and every time they were received enthusiastically by their class and teachers. This made them feel likeable, accepted, and – most powerfully – secure in knowing that they were loved. 

They learned a tremendous amount. The curriculum and their retention of it blew my mind. I’m grateful for that, but it is a very small thing compared to the spiritual and emotional growth that came from the relationships this semester.

Danette Miller

Summit Classical Academy has been an absolute blessing to our family. Having a board and teachers who are committed to creating a safe and effective learning environment for both kiddos who excel in the world of academia, and those who struggle due to learning differences (like both my daughters with dyslexia) has been such a gratifying experience. We have seen our girls flourish as they have been championed and challenged at SCA. We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful school to partner with us to help educate and cultivate love for learning, self, others, and Jesus.

Julie Golter