April Board Prayer

All hail King Jesus.

All hail the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

All hail the Savior of the world. 

Because You created us, 

Because You are almighty in power, 

Because your love is infinite,

We praise You!

God, You told us through Paul in II Corinthians 5 that through your conquering death, You also conquered our slavery to our flesh – the life we lived serving ourselves; and through your resurrection, we have a new life in You. We live in the Spirit now, and are controlled by the love of Christ. 

You’ve given us the task of sharing words to the world – we speak on your behalf as your ambassadors, and the message You’ve entrusted us with is that the King of kings has provided a way of reconciliation to Himself for the world. 

You give us your strength for this task, and to make it even sweeter – You’ve given us the dearest people to share your good news with … children. 

Oh the honor it is to be your ambassador to these students and their families!

Holy God, help us to represent You in truth. Please give us the humility and strength to exchange our desires for yours and to recognize You as sovereign over every detail of this school and our lives. 

You say to ‘be still and know that You are God.’ Being still means: not fretting, complaining, being anxious, or boasting. Rather, to know You as God, to see You as You really are, will rightfully stop us in our tracks and cause us to be immobile. 

God, we seek to serve You and follow You as our King. Please make us bolder about sharing your name and good news. This is the task You’ve given us – with the promise to make us more like Christ along the way. And at the end, we will join with the angels proclaiming your name:

All hail King Jesus!

Please come soon. 

Until then, please shine blindingly brightly out of us and out of this school. Let all who come here have soft hearts and trust You and cling to You as Savior of the world. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by: Danette Miller, SCA Vice Chairwoman