Classical Christian School

Unveiling the Vision: The Birth of SCA – A Journey into Classical Christian Education

More than anything, we want our kids to know the forgiving and loving heart of God, and we
want them to love Him in return. The heart can’t love what the mind does not know, so
education is, for us, the means of drawing our kids’ minds and then hearts to God. Starting the
school was a step in that effort. Classical Christian education is the best means that we have
found for awakening the wonder within our children, teaching them how to learn, then reason,
then articulate eloquently. It is a parent’s great responsibility and privilege to fill a child’s mind
with treasures of truth, beauty, and goodness. We have only a few short years as parents to
stock up the treasure chests of our kids’ minds and to train their affections to love the right
things and abhor the evil. Inspired by the examples of the intelligent, servant-hearted men and
women we want our children to grow up to be like, and desiring to cling to God and glorify Him
with the resources He’s given us, we found that helping to start a school was our best option
and the best thing we could do for the kids that God has entrusted to our care.

Written by: Danette Miller, SCA Board Member and Founding Family Member

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June Board Prayer

Dear Father,

You take such good care of us. David prayed, “Answer me when I call you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.” (Psalm 4:1) David knew his and all man’s standing with you – we’re desperately dependent on you. But David also knew your relationship with man – a Christian is one who has God as Father. Knowing he was your child was how he could ask for – demand, even – such things: Answer me; give me relief; have mercy on me; hear my prayer. 

David wasn’t asking you to act out of your character or beyond your promises. You describe and reveale yourself as full of mercy. You promise to give us our daily bread and all things that are good for us, and you are God who hears and sees us. We know we have no hope if you don’t hear us, or have mercy on us, or give us relief. Those things are life, and they are only found in you. Thank you for hearing us, for your mercy, your gifts, and for answering our prayers. 

God, we’re here to seek your kingdom – to ask where you’re working on earth and to join you in your work. We have very little to offer – even less than the poor widow’s coin – but we want to give all of it to you. Please accept our lives and use them however you can to share the truth and good news about Jesus Christ. 

Lord, this is hard work, and the absolute only reason to do it – to run and not grow weary – is so that we can share your gospel. It’s so good, we have to share it. Jesus is the treasure worth selling everything for, and you want everyone to hear about Him and have the chance to know Him. We want that, too, God. We want to always be with you, to gaze on your face, to know the joy of your presence, and to worship you. To know you is the point of life, and the only reason to be here on earth after we’ve been adopted as your children is to draw others to Jesus. God, you know how that will be best done through this school and through every detail of our lives. You will be glorified and you will accomplish your good purposes in all things. You give us only what we need, and you withhold anything that would be harmful for us. 

So, Father, we submit our wills and our ways to you. Please help align our desires with yours. We ask for only what we would want if we knew everything that you know. Thank you for hearing us. We give thanks to you, LORD, for you are good. Your love endures forever. (Ps 107:1) You’ve redeemed us. Let us tell our story and walk humbly with you, our God. (Micah 6:8) We are weary and heavy laden, and we don’t know what to do, but you know our state, and your direct marching orders are to yoke ourselves to Jesus – to be gentle and humble. (Mt 11:29)

Help us to be gentle and humble with each other, with our children, with the students, the teachers, and the families. Holy Spirit, have your way with us. Direct our paths. We ask all this as your children whom you dearly love because of Jesus. Amen.

Written by: Danette Miller, SCA Board Vice Chairwoman

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The Benefits of a Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian education is an approach to education that combines the wisdom of the classical education model with a Christian worldview. This method of education emphasizes the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty and is rooted in the belief that God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. In this blog post, we will explore some of the benefits of classical Christian education.

Fosters a Love of Learning

  1. Classical Christian education emphasizes the love of learning. Students are taught to value knowledge for its own sake and to approach their studies with curiosity and enthusiasm. They learn how to ask questions, seek answers, and engage with ideas in a way that inspires a lifelong love of learning.

Emphasizes Character Formation

  1. Classical Christian education emphasizes virtue. Students are taught to embrace the character of Christ such as integrity, courage, humility, and gratitude. They learn to recognize their responsibilities to God, family, and society and to act accordingly. This emphasis on character development produces well-rounded individuals who are equipped to lead fulfilling lives and contribute positively to society.

Encourages Critical Thinking

  1. Classical Christian education encourages critical thinking. Students are taught to engage with ideas in a rigorous and analytical way. They learn how to identify fallacies, weigh evidence, and construct logical arguments. This emphasis on critical thinking produces individuals who are able to make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and think creatively.

Provides a Rich Cultural Heritage

  1. Classical Christian education provides a rich cultural heritage. Students study the great works of literature, art, music, and philosophy from the Western tradition. They learn about the historical figures who have shaped our world and the ideas that have shaped our culture. This exposure to the cultural heritage of the West provides students with a deep appreciation for the achievements of the past and an understanding of their own place in the world.

Integrates Faith and Learning

  1. Classical Christian education integrates faith and learning. Students are taught to see the world through the lens of a Christian worldview. They learn how to apply biblical principles to all areas of their lives, including their studies. This integration of faith and learning provides students with a coherent and meaningful framework for understanding the world around them.

These benefits produce well-rounded individuals who are equipped to lead fulfilling lives and contribute positively to society. If you are considering an education for your child or for yourself, classical Christian education is a model that is definitely worth exploring.   Additionally, we have The Good Soil report that shows significant differences for alumni of classical Christian Schools. ACCS students are more prepared academically, more traditional in their views, think more independently, and are more influential than those from other school backgrounds. To learn more about CCE and the seven life outcomes of ACCS alumni visit

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